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T10 Jess's Cross

Jess asked (after some encouragement from friends) whether I could build her a custom do-it-all bike. She's president of Cambridge Uni Cycling Club and she's really quick, but she's only ever trained in the winter on her carbon ex-race bike without mudguards. She wanted a bike she could use for winter riding, but drop the mudguards and stick some knobblies on to also do a bit of cross racing - she has a score to settle with the Three Peaks.

The frame is 853 ProTeam with a 142x12 thru-axle, flat mount rear brake and stainless wherever possible to protect it from the elements. Paint, as always, was done in-garage. Purple colour matched bits come courtesy of Hope Technology, making the whole package pretty stunning!

Photo credits to the excellent Sean Irving, see his website at


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