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Titanium road bike

This was all a bit of an experiment as the first full titanium build. Testing purge systems and heat-sinks, learning how to keep alignment under control. TIG welding with a two pass technique, externally butting tubes, bending titanium. Lots to work on.

After some initial riding I wasn't happy with some geometry issues so ended up taking it apart and switching for a shorter head-tube and slacker HT angle, all good learning.

I'd also decided that the US favoured seat-tube insert was a better way to build so that got changed (they often use a sleeved heavier section of tube at the seat post which does make sense).

It's running  a test Ratiotechnology 1X13 drivetrain using SRAM mechs and levers and a DIY modified Hope free hub (which has a few engineering "compromises" until Hope get round to making a proper one. This is a fantastic set-up.

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