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Repairs & Servicing

We're fairly well set-up to fix most bike related problems, carbon, steel and titanium frame repairs. Stuck bolts, stuck seat posts, shifter rebuilds, wheel builds. A few examples are pictured below.

Titanium frame repairs

We have had a few of these in, pictured is a seat-stay crack, rather than replace it we opted to drill to arrest crack propagation, grind the crack out, weld and refinish. All with as much cleaning and argon back purge as possible.

This one's had three years of hard use since and is still going strong.

Carbon frame repairs

Carbon is always fun to fix, some quite nasty looking damage will fix. Bars are always smashing into top tubes, seat stays get trodden on, and Giant TCRs just snap on their own.

Shifters and gear systems 

These are a particular speciality here, we have close links with Ratio Technology and specialise in SRAM upgrades.

The pictured shifter had been condemned but was actually a quick fix - and they aren't cheap if you have to get a new one.

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