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It started as a hobby, but it's got out of control. We now have 40+ frames' worth of building experience: Tandems, solos, 29ers, 650bs, full-suspension, fully rigid, mountain and road. Have a look below at some of our recent projects.



Kendal, Cumbria


About us


Jig and initial setup


We use a custom homemade jig to build our frames, with angles and dimensions marked on a thick plate aluminium base. Custom fittings mean the jig can be used for a huge range of different frame sizes.



Most of our frames are fillet brazed, with small braze-ons attached using higher silver content bronze, which has a much lower viscosity. After brazing there's a small amount of cleanup needed to get a really smooth transition through the joints.



All our frames are painted entirely in-house. The process is laborious, with an initial coat of primer followed by plenty of coats of colours, logos and any decals with a couple of coats of lacquer to seal everything in. The end result is worth it (if you like pink...).

Other components

With access to an old lathe and a slightly newer mill, the possibilities are pretty much endless. With an anodising bath set up, we can now make alloy parts that are fully sealed from corrosion - and dye them nice colours!

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